Beginning Cloth? WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW?!

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The basics of cloth nappy acronyms, lingo, what makes up a cloth nappy, styles, parts of a modern cloth nappy, fabric types.

  • Ai1- all in one
  • AI2 -all in two
  • Osfm- one size fits most
  • LOSFM- large one size fits most l
  • Wahm- work at home mum (maker)
  • GSM - a term used by makers to promote the absorbancy of inserts, the higher the gsm the more absorbent you can expect the inserts to be.
  • Inserts are the absorbent layers of the nappy
  • AI2 means the inserts separates from the shell
  • Ai1 means the inserts are attached to the shell
  • Pocket nappies means you can put the inserts between the lining and the shell away from the skin
  • The shell is the outside of the nappy
  • OSFM means you can pretty much use it from birth to toilet training
  • Single row means that the waist snaps only have one line of snaps
  • Double row the waist has 2 rows of snaps
  • Rolled elastic is elastic that is not cased and rolls into the skin (a little harder to fit for some)
  • Rise snaps are the snaps on the front of the nappy to adjust the size for bub
  • Trifold insert is a rectangular/ square insert that folds up into 3
  • Snake insert is a long insert that folds over in half
  • A booster is an extra small inserts used to “boost” absorbency of the nappy
  • Fitted means it doesn’t have rise snaps and is sized “small, medium, large” (usually doesn’t have a water resistant layer)
  • Cover- a outer used over non water resistant nappies, can be wool, or pul (waterproof fabric)
  • PUL - a type of fabric called polyurethane laminate
  • Minky - a fluffy synthetic fabric usually backed with a layer of PUL or laminated to keep it water resistant 
  • CC nappy refers to a Chinese cheap nappy
  • RAOK - random act of kindness, or "pay it forward" nappies
  • CCN - usually used when referring to a wash routine it means “clean cloth nappies” which is a nappy washing community and webpage

Recommendations from one WAHM to another! 
here you’ll find links for different WAHM brands that have shown their skills and commitment to the industry. Below are products that RPSMCN does not sell but can be found from other makers.

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