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Beginning Cloth? WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW?!


The basics of cloth nappy acronyms, lingo, what makes up a cloth nappy, styles, parts of a modern cloth nappy, fabric types.

  • Ai1- all in one
  • AI2 -all in two
  • Osfm- one size fits most
  • LOSFM- large one size fits most l
  • Wahm- work at home mum (maker)
  • Inserts are the absorbent layers of the nappy
  • AI2 means the inserts separates from the shell
  • Ai1 means the inserts are attached to the shell
  • Pocket nappies means you can put the inserts between the lining and the shell away from the skin
  • The shell is the outside of the nappy
  • OSFM means you can pretty much use it from birth to toilet training
  • Single row means that the waist snaps only have one line of snaps
  • Double row the waist has 2 rows of snaps
  • Rolled elastic is elastic that is not cased and rolls into the skin (a little harder to fit for some)
  • Rise snaps are the snaps on the front of the nappy to adjust the size for bub
  • Trifold insert is a rectangular/ square insert that folds up into 3
  • Snake insert is a long insert that folds over in half
  • A booster is an extra small inserts used to “boost” absorbency of the nappy
  • Fitted means it doesn’t have rise snaps and is sized “small, medium, large” (usually doesn’t have a water resistant layer)
  • Cover- a outer used over non water resistant nappies, can be wool, or pul (waterproof fabric)
  • PUL - a type of fabric called polyurethane laminate
  • Minky - a fluffy synthetic fabric usually backed with a layer of PUL or laminated to keep it water resistant 
  • CC nappy refers to a Chinese cheap nappy
  • RAOK - random act of kindness, or "pay it forward" nappies
  • CCN - usually used when referring to a wash routine it means “clean cloth nappies” which is a nappy washing community and webpage

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