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Make the most of your products


moving to an eco conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to be intimidating, in fact; most eco products have multiple uses outside of their intended purpose.




Product Type  Intended Use Creative Use
Cloth Wipes baby bottom wipes for nappy change clean ups
  • face washer
  • wash cloth
  • dish cloth
  • bench cloth
  • teething rag (keep in fridge wet)
  • hanky
Nursing Pads absorbent pad for lactating women
  • makeup wipes
  • coaster
Small wet bags storage bag for a used single nappy
  • grab and go bag
  • snack bag
  • sandwich bag
  • bottle/feeding bag
  • wipe storage
  • small toy bag
  • medication storage
  • travel first aid kit
Standard wet bags storage bag for use and/or wet nappies, clothing, change mats
  • swimming bag
  • emergency car bag
  • library bag
  • school book bag
  • toy storage
  • bike helmet storage
  • shoe bag
  • beach toy storage
Damaged or delaminated cloth nappies discontinue use
  • swim nappy
  • toy/doll nappy

Play Mats

floor protection for nappy free tummy time
  • picnic rug
  • under highchair messy mat
  • table cloth
  • mattress protection
  • decorative floor mat



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