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The daunting thoughts of waking up to feed baby in the night or have your little bundle of happiness screaming in the early hours of the morning because they are wet all the way through their nappy and their clothing is something most if not ALL cloth families have experienced.


As a mum of an incredibly heavy wetting tummy sleeper finding a nappy to use at night as been a challenge to say the least! Not only does Miss Lala wet like a race horse but shes also a night pooper! By night pooper I mean she holds it in all day until I put her in bed in a nice clean fresh nappy; queue half an hour later and we have code brown.

Knowing that we have the possibility of not just one poop at bed time makes it incredibly difficult to use cloth at night as most night nappies are fitted so as soon as you have a poo the whole nappy needs to be changed. On top of all of that! finding something that was absorbent enough that it would get her through the night.

I can honestly say we have tried just about every night specific nappy on the market! from bubble bum fitted to RaWr soak master 1000 we were still struggling to get through the night without wet clothes. I was open to the well known fact that not all nappies work for all bubs, which is fine but when you are paying upwards of $45 for just a night nappy the costs add up FAST when trying to find the best brand for you and your child.

We are almost 2 and a half years into cloth and teetering on toilet training so finding a nappy that would cope with a toddler bladder became almost impossible, we switched to disposables hoping that maybe they would do the trick but we are still experiencing a urine output like Niagara Falls! I have been playing around with combinations for night nappies for a while but at this point i really needed something super absorbent, easy to use, easy to wash and dry, and wouldn't cause urine burns on Lala's legs during the night.                 

I started testing out pre-flats- meaning the whole nappy was absorbent, didn't contain leg elastics, could be thrown in the dryer, AND can be used during the day without being atrociously bulky on a busy little toddler. After a few weeks of trials, testing insert and boosting combos for both day use and night use and OH MY! I think I've done it!

Say hello to the Panda Flat! The ultimate pre-flat hybrid! This wizard nappy features stitched in absorbancy, lush soft, thirsty velour that is a semi stay-dry fabric and digitally printed cotton lycra in a vast range vibrant prints. Velour has absorbent properties along with its plush pile, keeps the skin feeling dry while still wicking moisture to the underside into the absorbent core of the pre-flat. As the fabrics use are not waterproof it does require a cover for use when used under clothing, for sleeps or traveling.

Panda Flats can be used without a cover when at home!

The combination of fabric and insert when folded and placed on bub layers to 15. This is just with a stranded fold and the insert provided with the nappy on purchase. I have been working away on creating a night specific insert for our flats that will increase the layer total right up to 24, with still room to toss in an extra booster if needed!

I am not one for counting the fabric GSM (grams per square metre) which is a form of measurement for the weight of fabric. In the cloth nappy world, the higher the gsm of an insert for example the more dense and absorbent the insert is. If i was to tally up the gsm combination of my Panda Flat plus the insert Ive paired with it, they would be pushing close to 6500gms. For night time use I've been adding in an extra snake booster that is a total of 2000gsm when folded AND there is still room for more boosting!

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