Wash Routine

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 1 Prepare

·       Tip solids into toilet

·       Remove inserts from pocket

·       Rinse off excess

·       Rinse night nappies

2 Dry Pail

·      Place in a designated Dirty dry pail


*Something with lots of air flow, Avoid wood!

3 Pre-Wash

·      Dirty dry pail items washed daily

·      Shortest cycle that allows for 60*c

·      ½ detergent and laundry booster *sard or vanish

·      Add in any other soiled items *small loads are okay for pre washing

·      *If using cloth overnight, rinse night nappy and prewash in the morning with yesterday’s nappies – this will reduce ammonia build up

4 Dry Pail        

·      Place prewashed items in a ‘prewashed’ dry pail

·      Items do not need to be dried

·      If items contain stains, rub with sunshine soap or a sard bar before placing in the dry pail (no need to rinse off)

·      Rinsed menstrual pads can be placed in dry pail if water is running clear through pad.

5 Main Wash

·      Main wash prewashed dry pail items ever 2-3 days (this will all depend on the size of your rotation too)

·      Longest wash cycle that is NOT an eco-cycle (2-3 hours) between 40*c and 60*c

·      Follow washing powder instruction for large or heavily soiled load

·      All prewashed dry pail, light coloured smalls and baby clothing, wash cloths, ‘not paper’ towel

·      A loosely full drum will insure the best wash and agitation.

*if you have a top loader without an agitator add in some plastic spike balls or dryer balls to help with agitation.

*avoid adding large items such as towels, pants or jumpers to your load, they can wrap around nappies and cause insufficient cleaning


6 Dry

·      Inserts can be tumble dried on low heat or line dried. Direct sun if acceptable for inserts.

·      Line dry shells out of direct sunlight.

*it is NOT recommended to place shells in the dryer or direct sunlight as too much heat can cause premature delamination and elastic damage.

 You can download my template here

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