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It has been 1447 days since Abigail’s first seizure, 827 days since a diagnosis and currently 0 days seizure free.

Notice that there are 620 days between her first seizure and her diagnosis? This isn’t because we didn’t express our concerns. We saw two different hospitals and multiple doctors and specialists. Two words are what prevented an earlier diagnosis EQUITABLE HEALTHCARE or rather the lack of.

Think of equity as having a 2m fence and two kids, one child is 1.5m tall the other is 1m tall. Both kids want to see over the fence so to be fair you give them both a 70cm box to stand on. Yes this method is fair but it is not equitable.

Equitable healthcare is the idea that everyone receives a different size “box” in metaphorical terms to be able to “see over the fence” or in real terms access quality healthcare.

The closest access to a paediatric neurologist is over 1500km from Ingham and the same for a paediatric nephrologist.

Tell me how is it fair that we are expected to travel so far to see a necessary specialist especially when there is a paediatric hospital 110km away.

Yes our flights were covered by patient travel, but I was expected to manage a child who seizes multiple times a day on my own while leaving my breastfed newborn at home, and not being able to have my husband by my side to make on the spot medical decisions about OUR child how is that fair? Once Hazel came along and Abigail was tube fed it became harder to fly and we ended up needing to drive instead of fly which meant taking more leave from work and almost 19 hours in the car with two young kids.

The point I’m trying to make is that aspects of rural healthcare are inequitable, which all comes down to funding. Because of this inequity my family and I have had to uproot our whole lives to live 1700km away to access Abigail’s specialists when we need them.

I advocate so hard because I hope that one day if my daughters have children that need to access specialist care that it is more easily accessible than it is today.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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