And just like that, it’s a Keto wrap.

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Well that’s a wrap on keto!

Abigails officially back to 0. We had an urgent neuro review today to discuss where to go with Abigails treatment.

After reviewing both her seizure record over the last month and a physical examination her doctor has ordered more tests. Abigail will need another hospital admission for an overnight VEEG at the same time she will begin to wean off her current medication ready for a new med. Her specialist today also noticed she has regressed since her last visit in communication and receptive language and her reflexes add into the mix ongoing headaches and she will be off for a 3T MRI with epilepsy protocols under general anaesthetic.

I mentioned that we had planned a trip home in 3 weeks time and was told it wouldn’t be wise. Townsville doesn’t have a paeds neuro and therefore if something happened time could be wasted getting Abi transferred to Brisbane.

I won’t lie and say that today was easy because it wasn’t. It honestly feels like we are back at square one. I can slowly feel the seizure effects creeping in and changing our girl again. Sometimes I just want to cry and hold my 18 month old Abigail before all the meds and medical intervention just to soak up her personality and innocence before this experience changed her.

I went into this appointment ready to be on the attack and fight and advocate for Abigail which is my normal. Today however I witnessed the resignation and concern in her specialists eyes followed by determination and in that moment I knew I would not have to fight today. He sat back told me what tests and why we needed to do those and listened to my suggestion of CBD with a completely open mind and said once the results are in we will discuss every possible Avenue and decide on what is going to best benefit Abigail.

The most important thing today is that we were heard, that I didn’t have to fight and that Abigail is supported to the best of both our knowledge. Today as a mum and carer I felt validated and supported so thank you to Dr Ubaid Shah 💜

Photo of pre 7pm breakdown ✌️

The Medicalised Mumma x

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