Being A Mum is HARD!!

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What a week!
Let me start by saying being a mum is bloody hard. Being a mum and having two sick babies makes you long for a beach far far away with someone serving you cocktails while you lay by the water 😂😂😂 yeah right.

The girls have been emotional and miserable and I haven’t been much better. Abigails seizures have flared up bringing with them the physical and emotional side effects of the brain being under stress again. Hazels asthma has flared up and she has conjunctivitis for the first time. The girls have literally caught everything under the sun since starting daycare down here which has been so frustrating. Everytime Abigail comes down with a respiratory illness her kidney disease flares up which means monitoring everyday very closely. The diet she is on has caused her to be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Doctors class her as immunocompromised.

Immune compromised is basically where her body doesn’t have the strength and antibody production to fight off viruses and bacterial infections. This means she is in a higher risk category for Covid-19. Covid-19 plus epilepsy plus kidney disease would be catastrophic for her and it honestly scares me.

There is a lot of talk surrounding covid and children contracting it. What people aren’t considering is kids like Abigail. I visited the shops yesterday for our routine quick shop for essentials aka chocolate for me. I was completely unprepared for what I saw. Panic buying, yep one covid case down here and everyone turns stupid!

I’m going to make an outrageous opinion! STAY THE HELL HOME! If you don’t want to catch covid stay home it’s that simple. There is absolutely zero need for panic buying, all you are doing is risking both your own health and the health of others because god knows none of you were social distanced in that store. After seeing this I hightailed it out of there as quick as possible making a beeline for the car.

In times like these people become so self absorbed, more so than usual and are placing others like my daughter at risk.

Some days society surprises me with random acts of kindness or a simple passer by smiling. It was not one of those days.
The Medicalised Mumma x

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