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Change is coming!

If you had asked me what I wanted to do with my life 12 years ago I would have said finish school and travel the world while supporting myself with my hairdressing career. I craved to be free of small town life, this all changed 11 years ago when I met my now husband. Up until we had kids he opened my heart to just how beautiful our home town is and how ideal it would be to raise a family here.

In 2017 we welcomed our first daughter Abigail followed by our second daughter Hazel in 2019. Small town life suited us perfectly the girls love the farm, all our family is here and we have such beautiful friends near and far who have shown their support when we have needed it the most.

October this year has challenged our "ideal life" to the point of reaching a massive decision that literally changes not only our lives but our whole support network. It is with a heavy hearts but logical heads we made the decision to move our family of four to Brisbane to be closer to much needed medical services for Abigail.

Jason and I have literally had to put our personal feelings aside for this beautiful town and think solely of what is medically best for our daughter. From March next year we will get to call Brisbane our new home until such a time when it is medically suitable to bring our beautiful Abigail back to Ingham along with her sister and ourselves of course.

As a mum to lose basically your entire support network comes with a heavy emotional and mental health load. I have given up my job to care for Abigail full time and to continue into my second year of my nursing degree. I honestly have to words to describe how hard all of these decisions have been for us but am lucky to have my husband by my side throughout it all.

Nothing prepares you to have a medical needs child and don't get me wrong I have days where I am overwhelmed with the 'why me' and the constant exhaustion of having to advocate day in and day out for a child who can't yet advocate for herself. I am the voice that says she is not just a number on your books, I am the voice that tells you how to handle her meltdowns and I am the voice that stands up and says when something is not good enough. Every day we meet challenges and I am always that voice that strives to be able to get her the best care possible, some days I fail and despite my words it falls short and Abigail is the one who is affected.

To all the people in our small town who have supported us all through this journey, who have kept me sane, who have given us hope, who have advocated right along side me. THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts for making this journey thus far feel not as lonely and for including Abigail and seeing through the medicalised and allowing her to feel like a normal 3 year old.

On a lighter note if anyone has any suggestions on how to literally box up our lives let me know!

That's all for now but for those that are interested keep an eye out for Epilepsy Queensland's christmas fundraising appeal as Abigail's face and story was chosen to be shared as an inspiration and in a hope to appeal to the public to donate so this wonderful organisation can continue to support families like ours cope with such a devastating condition.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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