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Hey all!

I want to touch a little and get more in depth on why we are moving. As you all know Abigail was diagnosed with epilepsy, some of you may also know she was diagnosed with Autism and a type of kidney disease. All of these diagnoses come with an air of uncertainty surrounding her future.

Living rural is an amazing experience and has made me really appreciate our little town especially once the girls came along. However, what I also realised after Abigail's diagnoses is how little specialty medicine around pediatrics we have. As you all know epilepsy in itself isn't rare, affecting 1 in 26 people. What you may not know is how it is managed in kids vs adults can vastly differ.

Abigail's whole specialist team resides in Brisbane apart from her Townsville pediatrician and her therapy team which are in Townsville, still 1.5 hours away from us. We are on the road to Townsville up to 3 times a week and to Brisbane up to 6-8 times a year. Although Abigail's pediatrician has been a great advocate for us there are just too many cracks we can fall through and Abigail's wellbeing needs to be top of our priority list along side Hazel's. The politics of a rural health system is saddening with government funding missing rural areas constantly, therefore once again widening the healthcare gap for rural Australians.

Another deciding factor for us is constantly travelling for her medical needs is exhausting, I am constantly on the road or in the air throughout the year, leaving what little time I have left to spread between work, uni, a social life (yeah right), family time and actually talking to my husband on occasion (you know I love you Jase). Bottom line is I am constantly physically and emotionally exhausted and cranky. The other thing to mention is how many close calls I have had on the highway at not fault of my own. The viability of staying up here has dwindled away.

Just wanted to give you all a little glimpse into our decision making process and why I am so passionately advocating for improved rural healthcare and support. Also below is a link I am using to fundraise for giving rural families affected by epilepsy the opportunity to access face to face education, training, support and resources which normally would not be accessible due to geographical and financial burden.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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