Even this Mamma has struggled!

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I suffer chronic migraines!

Today I spent all of 3.5 hours out of bed and was basically useless all day. I have tried so many migraine preventatives and I know stress and tension are my biggest triggers (super ironic) which my life is full of.

Yesterday I visited a neurologist for the first time for Botox consideration. I broke down when I told him how much my migraines affect my mood, mental health and appetite and I average 2-3 a week. I generally try to push through them but at times they land me in bed on heavy painkillers and vomiting into a bucket. After some detailed info on what type of migraines I have he said I was a great candidate and he would do it on the spot. I was totally in shock and not mentally prepared to be injected that day. Never in my life have I had my face injected with anything! He ran me through the side effects and I was a little taken aback.I was assured any side effects would only last 3-4 days but it can take up to 3 treatments to reach a therapeutic level in which my migraines would reduce.

I won’t lie, I was absolutely terrified but if I can push two babies out of my nether regions with no pain relief I can handle a few little needles 😅 Anyway 31 needles later and 155 units of Botox throughout my forehead, temples, scalp, neck and trapezius muscles it was all over in 5 minutes and was only slightly uncomfortable at times.

Unfortunately by last night I had a low grade fever, a raging migraine, flu like aches and of course migraine induced vomiting. I questioned why the hell I would put myself through this. I rang the specialist who assured me my reaction was within normal range and may continue over the next 3-4 days.

So here I am back in bed in a pitch black room letting you all know Botox for migraines is not for the faint hearted. Let’s hope tomorrow is better than today and I can actually get out of bed and play with the kids!

One very miserable Medicalised Mumma x

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