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One thing I seriously struggle with is asking for help. I find it really difficult to trust someone else to take care of Abigail. I have been the one to constantly advocate and push for her diagnoses and care and I have been there for all the highs and lows. I am her mum and no one will care for her like I do.

Recently I asked for help.

I swallowed my urge to control things and placed a job ad for a carer to come into our home and care for our daughter for 1 day a week. My list of demands were long for anyone who knows me personally that shouldn't be surprising. I had a couple of people apply but only one person stood out. Everyone meet Sarah!

To have someone help me with the girls has been a godsend. Appointments are easier. Meal times are easier. As of the last two weeks Wednesday bedtimes are done and dusted by 7:30!

I honestly cannot express how much I needed this! Abigail's NDIS funds a support worker to help her access the community and to help her emotional development.

I may get some judgement and comments about me needing help but until you have walked 5 minutes in my shoes you can take your judgement and shove it somewhere uncomfortable because I couldn't give a flying f**k.

What matters most is that Abigail is happy, safe and loved and that she has someone supporting her that knows how to manage her seizures and ASD. Someone who can also referee Abigail and her sister and encourage a sisterly relationship and encourage a little separation for all of us.

Never be embarrassed of feel less than. It takes a village so find your village Mumma's!

The Medicalised Mumma x

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