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We officially became residents of Brisbane on Wednesday!

We have all settled in fairly well and are majority unpacked. Let me tell you I’m pretty sure unpacking is harder than packing! I’m finding myself constantly trying to find where I’ve put things in the new house. We are still yet to unpack all of our clothes but I have come to the conclusion living out of a suitcase isn’t so bad 😂

Abigail has been super emotional since the move as she associates Brisbane with medical appts so we are trying our best to help her make happy and fun memories to break that association. Hazel has started teething this week, stellar timing right 😒 so poor thing has been cranky. Both girls have been acting out but we knew that was to be expected during the adjustment.

Where we are living is outside the city so to drive around here it doesn’t feel like Brisbane which I think is a blessing in disguise. Surprisingly jason and I don’t hate living here and I think we will have more support from friends and the small amount of family we have down here.

I have 2 assignments and my final first year exam over the next few weeks which I am confident with. Jason starts back at work tomorrow so the girls and I will be venturing out to see a good friend (wish me luck on the motorway) so that’s exciting.

Abigail is about to start a new round of supplements to help with her weight gain and vitamin levels.

Both girls start at their new childcare in two weeks and Abigail is already itching to go but is sad her best friend Penny @catmost15 won’t be there.

Overall the transition from country to city has gone well and Abigail starts seeing her doctors next month and recommences therapy at the beginning of March!

Sending all our Ingham family and friends so much love 💙

The Medicalised Mumma x

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