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Our visit home was amazing! A particular highlight was our visit to Gilroy Santa Maria College, Ingham.

My amazing Dad who is a head of department at the school approached admin and asked that they do a dress purple for epilepsy to raise money for Epilepsy Queensland Inc. and my idea to give rural areas more access to epilepsy support and education. The amazing teachers, admin and students at the school made a gold coin donation.

The school presented myself and the girls with a preliminary amount of $150. I was absolutely humbled and grateful for the schools effort to support such an amazing cause. I am also so thankful to my mum and dad for always supporting Abigail and helping make my goal of raising awareness for epilepsy a reality.

I was overwhelmed on Purple Day to see how many Ingham people incorporated purple into their day. Seeing so much purple made me hopeful for a world where Epilepsy is normalised and people are informed and knowledgeable about this disease ๐Ÿ’œ

The Medicalised Mumma x

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