Hospital Life.

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*Warning some people may find the photos distressing

Let’s talk hospital life, if you ask any parent about hospital life you will get the same answer it sucks and its draining, but for some its a necessity.

Yesterday started with a 1.5 hour car trip to Townsville at 04:45 with a very suspicious toddler. Well as soon as we walked into the hospital she freaked! After the admin side of things we headed straight up to the procedure unit and checked in and barely had to wait before we were whisked through to the nurses to do our pre procedure checklist. Due to Abigail's seizures being back and her being on keto diet we had a chat with the anesthetist to clarify Abigail's management plan. He decided it was in our best interest to give some of Abi's emergency med pre surgery to keep the seizures at bay and to help calm her, well unfortunately for us Midaz hypes her much fun. Jason pinned her while I shot the medication up her nose, this medication is so bitter it made her cough and gag but you could see instantly she became a little foggier. Abigail on midaz is like that drunk best friend that never wants the party to stop.

We waited a little longer and were taken through to the anesthetic bay where once again they explained to me what would happen, this is the point I was like yep I know the drill been here before, this is also where I was proved wrong. As I walked into theatre I had this horrible flush sensation and felt as if I would pass out (going to make a great nurse right). They sat me down on the chair with Abigail on my lap and instructed me to hold her down while they placed the mask over her face. She fought that anesthetic so hard it was just over a minute of gas before she was out, the team transferred her to the bed I gave her a kiss told her how much I loved her and was ushered out by one of the other nurses.

I did not shed one tear, not because I wasn't completely broken but because I knew if I started I wouldn't be able to stop. Nothing prepares you to put your baby to sleep knowing full well a surgeon would be cutting into her, going in one way and coming back to you a little different.

We received a call from the surgeon about 1.5 hours later saying his part went well but there were some complications with anesthetic and asking me to come up. I was told they were still working on her and I wasn't allowed back, I felt like screaming. I didn't care how she looked or what they had to do to her all I knew was my baby needed me.

I was taken back to see her and knew instantly something had happened. One look at her monitor, oxygen sats were in the 80's and she was wearing an oxygen mask her breathing was fast and shallow and so chesty sounding it was scary and she had been placed in the recovery position. Long story short Abi's airways went from being clear and lovely to secreting alot of mucus resulting in an aspiration. Aspiration is where material from the mouth or stomach enters the lungs which can result in low oxygen levels and infection.

She woke from anesthetic very upset as you can imagine and wanted her dad, I felt like the shittiest person in the world for putting her through this.

Currently she is doing okay, doctors have her on two types of antibiotics 4 times a day all up and IV fluids. Her G Tube is in place and looking good but her stomach has some temporary gastroparesis which means we will have a longer than usual stay and is nil by mouth until further notice. Gastroparesis is basically where the stomach doesn't do its job by passing the food along to the next phase and instead sits in there for long periods causing fullness and nausea/vomiting. She currently has internal and external stitching and is super sore but doing well considering.

Hazel during this time has been staying with her grandma, cue the mum guilt! Both Abigail and I miss her so so much and poor Jason super hubby/dad has been travelling too and from so he can be with all of us.

The staff have all been so amazing and I am so grateful to such an amazing team of doctors and nurses we have had. Hopefully we can get home over the weekend and spend some much needed family time all together.

For those that read this thank you again for following our story, this blog is definitely a therapeutic output for me.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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