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Hey all!

Just thought I would give you all a little up date about the family and some exciting things coming up. I also wanted to give you all a little insight on what its like for both Abi and I juggling the keto diet.

We are slowly settling into the new house and must say we have some lovely neighbours whom Abigail has made friends with. The girls will start daycare again in just over a week which I am secretly or not so secretly looking forward to. Jason has settled into working from home although the girls screaming down the hallway I'm sure is very different to office life!

Happy to report I have only got lost in Brisbane once, however my GPS is definitely getting a good work out. As much as I am missing our small little town and everyone in it, I know in my heart we made the right choice.

Over the next month to honour the upcoming Purple day on March 26th the blog will be featuring some other special Mama's and their journey with raising a child with medical needs such as Epilepsy. The aim is to help raise awareness and to give you all a different perspective than just mine. Speaking of Epilepsy, I am excited to tell you all I have been invited to the Epilepsy Qld impact awards evening on Monday and the event fundraiser last month was featured in their February newsletter (I will post the link in comments).

Now onto more food related topics. Keto diet. I guess the first thing that pops to mind is weight loss right? Well for Abigail it runs much deeper than that. Keto diet for epilepsy actually has the ability to change the way the brain utilises energy. A normal human body uses carbohydrates and sugars to make energy to burn, therefore your brain fuel is sugar. Keto rewires the body to burn fat instead. This then allows the brain to function on fat rather than sugar. Keto diet don't ask me how actually has the ability to permanently rewire our brains neuron function, forming new neuron pathways. This type of rewiring actually has the ability to give an epileptic individual a chance at seizure freedom.

Medical keto is a little more complicated than shoving some bacon and eggs on a plate smothered in butter though! Abigail's diet is designed by a dietician to meet her vitamin, mineral and caloric needs. Each meal is weighed to the gram following a strict recipe to her ratio. A ratio is basically how much fat to protein/carb. Abigail eats 3g of fat to every 1g combined carbohydrate/protein. Her daily carbohydrate intake is 20g. To put that into perspective an average toddlers carbohydrate consumption is 130g per day.

Abigails food prep takes me roughly 2-3 hours every 2-3 days, her shopping bill alone every week is roughly $100-$120 extra on top of what we already purchase not including what we spend on her tube feeding equipment, formula and medications. A lot of people have commented on how much easier it would be for her food wise on keto diet, little do they know that her food prep time every week equates to the hours of a casual job for me minus the pay. These pictures are the amount of food she will eat over three days excluding 2 more days worth of formula and vitamin syringes not to mention her 4 tablets she takes everyday. Also a couple of snaps of the girls being super cute!

I had a lot of people comment on why I finished up working. With all of Abigail's needs plus parenting a very adventurous almost 2 year old Hazel I am literally stretched so thin I could not mentally do it anymore.

I hope for anyone wondering about Abigail and her keto diet that this helps clarify exactly what it entails. Any questions my inbox is always open.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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