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We are pretty open as a family and have always talked about Abigails epilepsy in front of her. We feel it’s not something she should be ashamed of or keep hidden. She’s never really asked questions before until this last week.

This week Abigail has been asking what seizures are. Her question hit me like a punch. How do I explain a seizure to a 4 year old that isn’t consciously aware when she is having one. How do I explain it in terms that she will understand and won’t give her that feeling of terror I feel when watching her have one. How do I explain to her that sometimes when she has a seizure she becomes incontinent and cannot control her own body. How can I reassure her she is normal when all the other kids she knows don’t experience them.

Never in a million years did I think one simple question would have me so torn. It’s times like this when the unfairness of her situation really grabs me and gives me a shake. Again I envy others that don’t have to answer questions like this.

I need to remember how strong and resilient she is and how she has handled every obstacle with grace and bravery.

I promised myself as a parent I would encourage inquisitiveness and to not shy away from the tough questions, I guess it’s time to make good on my promises 💜

The Medicalised Mumma x

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