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This post still resonates with me today ♥️

Hi all

As you all know I’m huge about raising awareness and educating others on life as a medical mum. Don’t mistake my posts for searching for sympathy, I’m not, I’ve made peace with our situation and just hope this can help someone else. So just wanted to shed some light on a huge game changing moment for me.

I am the type of mum that is constantly trying to make everything perfect. Perfectly clean house, making sure all the toys are packed away and a lot of the time getting frustrated at small things the kids do. I am the mum that is constantly at my kids to behave when realistically they are just trying to be kids.

I just wanted to retouch on a pivotal moment for me last Friday. For those of you that read my blog you would know that Abigail went unresponsive last Friday 2 days post surgery due to ketones that went way too high.

I honestly thought she had just fallen asleep until the nurse came in about two minutes later to check her ketones and told me how high they were. Instantly all the pieces clicked together in my head, the flushed cheeks, the sweating, the sleepiness I knew right then something was very wrong. The nurse and I started to try and wake her which was unsuccessful, also when I say wake I mean vigorously shaking and trying to elicit a basic pain response. Next thing I know doctors and nurses have flooded in wondering what to do and starting to prep for her emergency plan. I stood by her bedside knowing in my head how devastating this could turn out by delaying even minutes. For those that don’t know prolonged high ketones can cause brain swelling and cause a coma. afterwards the doctors basically told me it is a time critical situation.

in that moment watching them work over her and seeing her so pale and lifeless none of the small stuff mattered. This moment changed my perspective on parenting immensely. Who cares if the house is untidy as long as those kids are happy and loved that’s all that matters. From that moment forward I promised both myself and Abi to be more tolerant to give her and her sister constant love, to not anger or become frustrated so quickly and to take time and enjoy this small imperfect but perfect moments.

So take it from a mum who used to constantly get caught up in all the imperfections and see these as something negative and learn to love and embrace all the disguised perfect moments, to enjoy most moments of parenthood because let me tell you when your faced with a situation where all that could change you quickly realise you should never have sweated the small things.

Not to say you won’t lose your shit trust me you will it’s parenting anyone who says it’s all roses is full of shit!

Take care and stay safe ❤️ Also keep an eye out for Abigails story as the feature of Epilepsy Queensland’s Christmas fundraising appeal!

The Medicalised Mumma x

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