Make March Purple.

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Alright guys welcome to #makemarchpurpleforepilepsy

For the month of March I will be aiming to complete a #blogaday all about epilepsy!

On today’s agenda is a few facts vs myths.

Let’s start with some common myths.

1. Epilepsy is contagious.

2. A person has control over when the have a seizure.

3. Seizure = violent shaking.

4. You need to restrain a person to stop them hurting themselves.

5. Can’t be that bad she looks fine (my all time instantly piss me off statement)

These 5 myths are things I have heard people say about epilepsy or about Abigail herself. It honestly worries me that people are so uneducated and misinformed. The following are FACTS!

1. Epilepsy is NOT contagious. Generally epilepsy can result from genetic causes, traumatic brain injury and in some cases the cause remains unknown.

2. A person has absolutely ZERO control over a seizure. Yes a person may be aware of certain triggers or get an aura before a seizure but they cannot prevent it once is starts.

3. There are many different seizure types and each presents differently. Abigail has multi focal epilepsy so depending where is the brain her seizure starts as to how it presents. For e.g I have seen her violently shake, I have seen her lose all muscle tone and drop suddenly to the ground, I have seen her stare off into space and I have watched her have visual disturbance seizures where she loses her vision.

4. Never ever restrain a person having a seizure, you will actually hurt them. Ensure the area around them is clear and once safe to do so roll them into the recovery position and follow their epilepsy management plan.

5. Let me put this one as bluntly as possible. No she is not fine her brain is under constant attack from misfiring overexcited neurons even when she looks fine there is constant background activity going on. If I grabbed a hold of your arm and squeezed it over and over for a week I guarantee you would be bruised, sore and pretty emotional. Although when you look at Abigail she looks “fine” there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Tune in tomorrow for my first vlog all about emergency meds!

The Medicalised Mumma x

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