No one said there would be complication.

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Never in a million years when I was pregnant did I think we would be facing trials like we are. Nothing can prepare you for the moment when doctors say a medical treatment especially one that has worked to a degree has run it's course. For over 12 months Abigail has been on the medical ketogenic diet and we have seen a reduction in the frequency and severity of her seizures.

For the past 3 weeks however we have seen increased seizures, lethargy, migraines and refusal to eat resulting in weight loss. After much consideration and talk with her specialists it was decided that "keto diet" had run its course and we would need to look at alternate treatment options. Add onto this the stress of her having to wean off one of her medications due to side effects and my heart just broke. Basically we are heading back to square one where we will be constantly expecting seizures.

I honestly cannot convey how hard it is knowing treatment options for her type of epilepsy are limited. We are left with the choices of experimenting with more drugs or neuro surgery. Both decisions could have catastrophic repercussions.

A third option which cue the judgy mum gang is CBD oil. The option that I at this stage am most in support of but her specialists are not. After alot of research and chatting to other parents who have a child living with epilepsy it is clear how beneficial CBD oil can be in the right circumstances.

The responses I have had even bringing it up in conversation "Oh my god how could you give your kid an illegal drug", alrighty keep your pants on negative Nancy its not like I'm lighting her a joint and saying go for it (insert eye roll). It is literally a prescription that has the ability to control her misfiring neurons so she can actually function normally, to give her a chance at a degree of normalcy. How is it different to pumping her full of benzodiazepines until she can barely walk straight, or how is it fair that she have to suffer through multiple medications and the long list of side effects when the answer could possibly be in a small bottle of oil!

Of course Jason and I will take our time to consider each option and make the most informed and beneficial choice for our daughter judgement be damned.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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