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Hi all define normal I dare you 😉

So as a mum your continually questioning what is “normal” is that poop a normal colour, is that a normal cry, why are they pulling that face that can’t be normal. You get what I mean, however I guarantee if someone walked up and asked you what a normal child looks like or what a normal child does each and everyone would have a different answer. Everyone’s perception of normal is different.

I had someone come up to me in the shops the other day and comment on how cute my girls are, I said the usual thanks and went to move on when she asked what was on Abigails face.

In my head it was like ffs not again but I plastered on a smile and said oh that’s her feeding tube, that’s how she gets her special formula. Then she said oh that must be hard that she‘s not normal like other kids. Well boy did I have to reign in my anger and not slap her. I think the look I gave her was enough to shock her a little as you can imagine, I calmly proceeded to say that depends on what you perceive as normal and walked away.

It is not the first naive comment we have received and I’m sure it certainly won’t be the last. To me my daughter isn’t abnormal and nor is she normal to me she is perfectly special and unique. The word normal to me screams average and monotonous. Each and every one is their own type of unique or special so never settle for merely normal. Normal is subjective and categorical term!

Now for me if Abigail didn’t have that tube and wasn’t having a meltdown or seizure she would fit into this so called “normal” child appearance.

I guess the point I want to get across is directly from Abigail herself if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it. If a 3 year old can understand that you can be damned sure an adult can live by the same rules. Be mindful guys as much as I love people asking about Abigail and being genuinely curious about what life is like with her, there is zero need to negatively comment especially in front of her.

Be mindful guys and respectful!

Any questions about us or our lives head over to the forum page! Also stay up to date by subscribing. Next blog will include a few questions answered by Abigail herself on her epilepsy 💜

The Medicalised Mumma x

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