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If your squeamish don’t swipe! New vs old button!

Abigail is absolutely terrified to head to the hospital. It’s came time for her first g tube change and instantly I could tell it was going to be traumatic for her.

She has had multiple infections in this stoma site which can sometimes complicate changes.

We did strike luck however when Abigails team entrusted me with the job of changing it at home to minimise trauma. No this isn’t usual but lucky for me as a second year nurse they felt I had enough knowledge and skill to do the job.

Tonight after 4mg of melatonin and 5mg of clobazam she was asleep. I managed to remove the old button, place the new button and inflate the balloon that keeps it all in place before she woke.

As much as I wanted to include Abigail in this process, I knew she would not have handled it emotionally. As a mum and nurse it’s my job to make any procedure as comfortable and easy as a possible.

Little miss is a little skeptical on how her button changed colour but has accepted it.

I’m so blessed to have chosen a career that also has such a huge place in my home life.
The Medicalised Mumma x

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