Real and Raw.

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Real and raw!

I suffer from horrendous migraines bought on by stress, ironic right considering my life is far from smooth sailing. These migraines last from hours to days. I have tried so many preventatives to no avail so on the 14th of April I’m heading for my Botox consult and I’m bloody excited!

Being home as beautiful as it has been has also been a bundle of stress. I literally ended up having to pop some heavy painkillers and head to bed in a dark room today. Thank god for my mum who managed to wrangle Abi and even got her to have a nap 🙌

I felt totally useless today and my stress levels got the best of me. Abigail got her needles yesterday and we found out she hasn’t grown still which means once we get back to Brisbane she will be coming off the keto diet and we will need to look at other treatment options for her.

On top of Abigails latest blow poor Hazel needs to have her tonsils and adenoids out due to reoccurring tonsillitis and sleep apnoea.

This Mumma is going to need her strength once we are back in Brisbane 😓

The Medicalised Mumma x

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