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Hey all!

Today’s little blog is about medications or rather medication side effects.

Anti-epileptics would have to be a class of medications with a vast array of side effects. Did you know that with the wrong medication a persons seizures can increase?

Abigail has trialled 6 anti-epileptics all with side effects.
- Lethargy
- Brain fog
- Rage and mood swings
- Increased seizures
- Appetite changes
- Cognitive dampening
- Hallucinations and night terrors
These are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Sometimes the side effects outweigh the benefit, it’s a reality. These side effects have effected her relationship with her sister immensely!

Currently the medication that Abigail takes for her nocturnal seizures is causing her to have night terrors and hallucinations which means she isn’t getting adequate sleep therefore triggering more seizures. This medication was a last resort for her and at one point she was the youngest patient in Australia prescribed this drug meaning side effects were unknown. As new research is provided we are able to educate ourselves more on what to expect from this drug and so far the side effects are looking pretty crappy!

When people think medications you automatically think of the benefits. I know personally when I get a prescription I don’t read the little info pamphlet who has time for that, I mean if it wasn’t safe it wouldn’t be prescribed right?

Since Abigails journey and the vast array of medications we have tried or simply said no to I now research everything!

I think as a mum it’s so important to understand what we put into our little ones bodies and how this can effect the bodies internal functioning. I’ve never been the kind of person to question advice or guidance by a medical professional before Abigail came along.

Now however I bet the doctors hate me 😅 I question literally everything, I bring ideas to the table all in the name of advocating for the best outcomes for Abigail. I’m the first person to stand up and say NO if I perceive the risk to outweigh the benefit. I will never stop advocating for a better quality of life for her as that is my job as her MUM!

The Medicalised Mumma x

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