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Hi all,

Firstly sorry for the length of time between posts, life has been hectic! We are in the midst of the upcoming festive season and "Santa" is working overtime to get those presents ready for the big day. I've been flat out with kids, appointments and Uni. Happy to say I even surprised myself with my uni results and currently have a lovely GPA sitting at 6.1. The preparations for our upcoming move are well underway and I am sure time will fly.

This time of the year has hit me hard this year. This time last year Abigail was in hospital with countless seizures and doctors at a loss for how to control them. It was by far one of the hardest times throughout her epilepsy journey to date. Of course social media was quick to throw those memories in our faces as if we didn't already know what happened 12 months ago.

Even though it is an emotional time it is also a time to reflect on how far our little family has come and the milestones Abigail has smashed. In the past 12 months she has toilet trained, learnt to use a spoon (a few times) and can sing her ABC's and count to 20. Just in the past few weeks she has learnt a new song at daycare which melts my heart. Hazel has learnt to walk and then run, she says so many words now and has just started toilet training today (super surprised).

I have been on edge for majority of the month, been so short tempered and snappy. Looking back though for the last 2 years November has not been an easy month. November 2018 we received Abigail's diagnosis and then November last year saw her at her worst by far, I guess this year I am just waiting for that penny to drop. Not that this month has been great, but definitely easier than those previous. Abigail is still healing for her operation nearly two months ago and is currently battling her 2nd and 3rd infection, nothing like 2 at once.

We have found out last week her Mic-Key needs replacing which will happen over the next few weeks and she will just need some light sedation which is fine. After Christmas I have my first nursing placement at the Ingham Hospital which I am super nervous and excited for!

Overall the last 12 months has seen our family make such monumental progress and I know there is more to come over the coming months. Abigail's Christmas fundraiser for Epilepsy Queensland is officially underway and will post the link below for you to all check out the short version. For anyone wanting the full letter and write up, leave a comment with your email address and can forward it on!

The Medicalised Mumma x

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