Sister Slumber Parties!

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Girls got a little room makeover this week!
Recently since the move the girls have been wanting to sleep close to one another. Prior to the move we would have at least one child in our bed every night. Since the move however they have gone to sleep in their own room each night which is definitely a Mumma win! We made the decision to transition Hazel to a mattress due to her proficiency at climbing out of the cot 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m sure people will look at this setup and be like where are the bed frames. Well this setup is for their own safety. Hazel being not even two would be prone to rolling out of bed so she has the bed against the wall. Abigail has night seizures which have caused injury in the past by falling from a height hence my decision to put their mattresses on the floor.
This setup may not be the prettiest but it’s what works for our family. I see a lot of Instagram mums who have the perfect house with all this decor and style, not knocking you guys I mean kudos if you have time and energy for that. I just know that my girls don’t care about the material things and would rather be safe and to reach out to each other during the night to be comforted by each others company.

Safety will always trump style for me especially dealing with epilepsy 💜

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