The “Hero”?!

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Wow what a night!

It was an absolute honour to be invited and attend the Epilepsy Queensland Inc. International Epilepsy Day Celebration and Impact awards.

The work this organisation does for families like ours living with an Epilepsy diagnosis day to day is nothing short of astounding. Tonight I witnessed a new vision, impact and values brought to life by this organisation, one that inspires hope for the future, for our future.

I was able to listen to not one but two professors who outlined a new way of treating refractory epilepsy and it absolutely blew my mind. The technology that is being developed and utilised will revolutionise the medication treatment process.

I was able to connect with other people tonight and be inspired by their journey's and reciprocate by sharing ours. Tonight I found out during the awards ceremony I was nominated for the 2020 Hero Visionary Award. This award is given to a person or organisation who have made a significant contribution to community awareness, advocating for the removal of barriers for people with epilepsy or contributed to advancement in research. There were 11 nominees including myself. It is with great honour and humility that I was awarded the 2020 Epilepsy Qld The Hero award.

I advocate so strongly because I wish to see a future where my daughter can be accepted. A future that embraces a person as a whole and not just what society dictates as "normal". A future where an illness is not what defines my daughter. A future where the stigma doesn't exist. A future where people are educated rather than fearful. A future where health literacy is equitable across the whole of QLD.

This future is not only my vision but one that Epilepsy Queensland Inc. is striving to achieve and one I will continue to strongly advocate for!

The Medicalised Mumma x

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