The Two T’s

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Hey guys let me tell you about the Two T’s!

Now I am sure you have all had those days where you wake up and you just know it is going to be a trying day. I was woken to Hazel crying in her cot this morning and Abigail demanding the iPad as 0630am. I thought to myself okay thats fine I've got this, well didn't the universe have a good laugh.

Hazel is cutting her fourth eye tooth and Abigail has just weaned off an anti epileptic medication that also doubled as a mood stabiliser cue the tantrums. That brings me to the two T's, teething and tantrums. As a mum of two guaranteed these co-occur at least once every couple of weeks. Now I always said I would be the mum whose kids have no to very little screen time, let me tell you sometimes the iPad is the only way to diffuse Abigail's meltdowns and to bring her emotional regulation back to a level that we can manage together. So this morning on went Bluey for Hazel and Abigail had the iPad!

Well today was a day filled with tears and frustration (not just from the kids). As you all would have read earlier Abigail is going through the process of an autism assessment/diagnosis so think tantrum/meltdown on steroids. To say I was not prepared for this is an understatement, she can be repetitive, aggressive and yell until she is sick and all I can do is literally stand by until she tires out enough to let me help her. We have tried every technique you can think of to calm her down but nothing has worked, so as you can imagine it distresses me immensely to see her like that, add in the medication wean and we are talking tantrums of epic proportions and one on edge mumma.

Now Abigail was that ideal teether zero signs or symptoms until I would look in her mouth and be like OMG another tooth, she was a dream! Hazel on the other hand is a nightmare we have acidic wee and poo, clinginess, sleep regression and the obvious one crying. Generally teething means 2 hourly wake ups, lots of cuddles and trusty old panadol. She never particularly took to teethers but is happy to munch away on her dummy, who am I to judge you do you girl!

Everyone talks about the two T's but holy sh*t what an experience. I have felt like a failure of a mum more than once today and my fuse has been shorter than usual but I know tomorrow is a new day and one thing I have learnt is your allowed to lose it, your kids will love you tomorrow and the next day regardless and vice versa.

So leave me a comment or post on the forum about your Two T's experience.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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