“This too, Shall Pass”

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Hi all,

Apologies for being quiet lately it’s just been hectic with appointments lately!

Just a quick little update on the fam today. Abigail has commenced weaning off another medication which has been hard. The past couple of days we have seen seizures return, only one a day which is still a huge improvement on pre diet but also concerning as there is always the risk of status. We also had her kidney diagnosis confirmed last week and were offered a biopsy to basically tell us what we already know. We declined as there is no treatment and no cure at this stage and we didn’t want to put her through any more trauma. The stats surrounding this disease can be pretty overwhelming so we are hoping for the best and will take each day as it comes. Her surgery date for her G Tube is set for the 30th of this month which is approaching really quickly, I have mixed emotions about the surgery but coping as best I can. Abigail has also been seeing a psychologist to assist with her ASD behaviours so am finding myself constantly travelling which makes my back ache something terrible from being stuck in the car!

Hazel we found out has Asthma. She has started talking a lot more which is amazing and her and her sister have started playing tag together which is a huge milestone as normally Abigail mostly ignores Hazel! Abigail has also anted to feed Hazel which although messy is super cute.

I am physically and mentally drained and am finding the day to day pretty hard at the moment. Feel like it’s one thing after another and we just can’t catch a break. I keep repeating this too shall pass but honestly feel like it will never end.

I thank god everyday that my two girls are happy and loved and how blessed Jason and I are to have the privilege of being their parents. Some days though I just need that 15 minutes of quiet where I can gather Myself and keep going, as I always try and be strong for Abigail to show her there is nothing to fear and really reinforce that this is our normal.

The girls are growing so fast and I’m finding myself cherishing the small moments and crying at the lasts, like Hazel feeding herself her own yoghurt 😢.

Hug your babies tight guys ❤️

The Medicalised Mumma X

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