Trying To Catch My Breath.

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Hey guys sorry I missed posting yesterday but let me explain why!

On Monday I picked up Abigail from kindy with what appeared to be conjunctivitis. At 1am Tuesday morning she spiked a really high fever and started hallucinating spiders, I’ve never seen her so terrified. I did all the usual things you do for a fever and finally at 5am fever broke and she was sleeping soundly. She woke at 7am yesterday morning a little sluggish but back to her usual self. At around 10am the hallucinations started again but this is where things get dicey, she had NO fever. I honestly thought she was putting it on but her pulse rate told me different. I looked her over and noticed her eyes had started to swell again and she was complaining of a headache. I immediately rang her neuro team and was told to head straight to ED.

I noticed as she tried to get in the car her legs were a little weak and she was quite tired. During the car ride she had another episode and then immediately fell asleep.

After seeing 3 doctors the neuro consultant came to visit. He was happy with her at the time but said he was worried it was encephalitis or an organic change such as a nasty virus causing these episodes but would follow up with her usual team to discuss whether these episodes could be changes in her seizure patterns. He said that he was happy for me to monitor at home but to update them everyday if another episode occurs.

As you can see from the photos I’ve had basically no sleep and ED took up majority of our afternoon/night.

Hopefully today is a better epilepsy free day 💜

The Medicalised Mumma x

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