We want off this TRAIN!

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We are so ready to get off this diagnosis train! Each time we see a new doctor or therapist I feel we are smacked with another diagnosis or some new issue.

Abigail has been seeing a physio due to not being able to keep up with her peers and tiring easily during physical activity. She was found to have gross and fine motor delays which we had already worked out for ourselves.

Yesterday after multiple assessments Abi was diagnosed with joint hypermobility and hypotonia. This means that her joints have too much mobility and her muscle tone in unusually low.

Jason Robert Quabba and I are still learning about what this means in both the short and long term future. For now what we know is she will need to walk every afternoon as long as she can stand it, attend intense physio every fortnight and wear special orthotic shoes to help support her ankles and feet. Thank god for NDIS because these shoes cost in excess of $1500 per pair.

This constant cycle of diagnostic assessments and subsequent diagnoses is absolutely heartbreaking and exhausting and I can feel myself slipping into that why me mind frame again.

Being the mum of a child with so many extra needs is so confronting and I am constantly second guessing myself.

If anyone has experience with the above please feel free to message either Jason or myself for a chat!

At this point in time there is not much for me to do other than remembering that this too shall pass.

The Medicalised Mumma x

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