Collection: Snake Inserts, Boosters and Tri-Folds

All Red Panda Stitching inserts are made with 2 layers of super absorbent bamboo and all topped with luscious stay dry suede cloth.

Snake Inserts feature a bulb shape to fit perfectly in the bottom of the nappy regardless of your insert use option - stuff or lay.

Booster Inserts are half the size of our snakes to fit perfectly together as a set. Being the same length as our Tri-Fold insert they make boosting our nappies easy while still keeping a trim fit.

Tri-Fold Inserts are the width of 3 booster side by side. This makes them long enough and wide enough not to compromise absorption if using independently. This design makes it easy to boost again with our snake or booster inserts by laying them in the center of our tri-fold and wrapping with a burrito method.

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  • PANDAFLAT Night Booster
  • PandaFlat Snake Insert