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Collection: panda flats


🍃 100% absorbent
🍃 super stretchy
🍃 high quality digitally printed fabrics *
🍃 no elastics
🍃 sewn in absorbency
🍃 bone shape snake for added absorbency
🍃 no snaps
🍃 lush velour lining that is both stay dry and thirsty!
🍃 approximate weight range 3.5kg - 20kgs
🍃 stitched with super soft thread that won’t cause irritation
🍃 can be machine washed AND *machine dried
🍃 up to 6 layers of absorbency when used with folded snake
🍃 can be used without snake and our standard booster for light wetters
🍃 add the standard booster in with the PandaFlat snake to create the ultimate night nappy!
🍃 usable with most larger sized brands as covers -Alva, bare and boho, Aussie monsters ect- along with our own Panda Cut!

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