About our Nappy Construction and Fit Guides


🍃 Our unique and product defining single row angled snaps that contour to babies waist. 

🐼 4 rise snap options on our OSFM POPPY Cut

🐼 5 rise snap options on our LOSFM PANDA Cut

🍃 bulb shape snake and booster inserts with every standard OSFM nappy

🐼 all inserts made with 2 layers of super absorbent Bamboo and topped with suede cloth to keep bub feeling dry

🍃 Large OSFM come with a heavy wetter booster and sized to fit snake combo

🐼 all inserts are stitching with high quality orange woolly nylon thread for easy identification

🍃 2 OSFM sizes ranging from 3kgs up to 24kgs depending on bubs body shape.

🍃 The Panda cut is designed and tailored for babies on or above the 60th percentile

🐼 prints that are created and designed by the WAHM behind it all, printed and made EXCLUSIVELY for Red Panda Stitching.

🍃 ALL our materials are sourced from other small Australian businesses. We do not outsource or send any of our business funds outside Australia! That means our little business is 100% Australian owned, made and SOURCED! See our ethics page for more information.🇦🇺


FAQ about our construction

🤔 ?why are our pockets not located at the top of our nappies?

🍃 Our pattern is professionally designed to suite our business expectations. You will not find our fit from a OSFM nappy pattern sold on the WAHM nappy market. We have put our design though all the everyday use tests and designed with soft sensitive baby skin in mind. By having our pocket opening below the wing line it give our back wings extra stretch, our back elastic is enclosed and unexposed and doesn’t touch the skin! It also protects against up the back pooshooting!

🤔?Why are your waist snaps on an angle? Is it a product fault?

🍃 NO! We are the original single row- no stomach elastic WAHM nappy that featured angled waist snaps. They strategically placed so they contour around bubs hips and waistline. Because we don’t use stomach elastic and this angle helps reduce the tummy gap occasionally caused on other OSFM and Large OSFM.


*Fit pictured based on female, 22m/o -13.5kgs, 95cm, trim waist-

  • Stuff or lay your insets.
  • set your rise snaps. these can be left done up during your wash routine for convenience
  • position nappy under bub with rise snaps towards their toes with back elastic and wings just above their hips.
  • Bring front of nappy up so it sits in bubs leg crease like underwear. I do this by holding bubs leg and rolling it out and down and i pull the front up.
  • bring front sides over the top of bubs hip. Its okay to fold or roll this fabric into the hip joint.
  • snaps up the back wings by pulling them one at a time while holding front of nappy and snap into waist snaps.
  • To check for tightness, lift babies legs up and run a finger around the leg elastics, front to back, so no lining fabric is visible. Elastics should be firm but not "tight". If elastic are gaping, but tightness on waist is comfortable, look at adjusting the rise snaps down.
  • Rise snap fabric should be folded down so it creates and upwards pocket. You can do this by inserting a finger on each side of the middle rise snap and wiggling it up, towards babies stomach.
  • Our Ailurus Cut OSFM (One Side Fits Most) nappy is a trim fit low sitting cut, similar to how underwear sits. Ranging to fit from approx. 3kgs to 18kgs (depending on individual shape).
  • Our Panda Cut LOSFM (Large One Side Fits Most) nappy is a trim fit low sitting cut, similar to how underwear sits. It features extra leg elastic length and full cut length to fit larger rolly bubs. Ranging to fit from approx. 5 to 24kgs (depending on individual shape).
  • For newborns, the wing snaps can overlap to the corresponding wing to make a very small fit. You may find that you need to adjust the rise settings up or down at different ages as your child goes through various stages of growth and development.

Red Panda Stitching Products are all made in a pet friendly home, full of love, and family busyness; every loose thread is trimmed by hand, every inserts thread tail is hand stitched back into the stitching- snaps are marked with washable marker and pressed by hand.

Our products will have hand made quirks, that one thread I didn’t cut, that one snap that is slightly off centre; that extra back stitch when my bobbin ran out half way through topstitching, but; I strive to make them as perfect as can possibly manage with my own two hands.

🍃If faults occurs please be gentle when you reach out to us, love and time still went into the product(s) you received.

You will be asked to provide clear pictures or videos of faults along with incorrect fit pictures due to the fault- marks, leg gaps ect.

🍃If products have been used- we ask that if you require elastic or snap replacement it is clean prior to return.

* change of mind due to fit/“just not love” print placement is NOT covered under warranty- not every nappy will suite all bub shapes and sizes, print colours may appear different in person and placement may be cut upside down off centre to feature placement. 

🍃 if product and/or fit is severally affected by a minor fault  (broken snap or faulty snaps that don’t snap together- incorrect leg elastic length on one side, ect) it will be covered under our warranty.

🍃 any faulty cause by incorrect washing, drying or use is not covered under warranty

Please see full warranty terms and conditions HERE


Fitting a PandaFlat withOUT night inserts.

 Lay flat out with all parts unfolded
Fold sides in and over centre
Lay snake ontop of folded side
Place baby ontop of flat with wings just above hips
Fold snake up over wet zone
Pull and fold front up and over wet zone
While holding front in place, pull and stretch wing over hip and front of flat (where your hand is currently)
Pull over wing up and over crossing over first wing

secure with Snappi starting from the shortest piece being placed on the main body of the flat, the secure wings by stretching and hooking Snappi teeth to the sides of the flat (approximately where the hip bone is.) The tighter you stretch your snappy the more secure your hold will be.
*make sure you’ve stretched your Snappi in all directions if this is your first use 

Pull and adjust flat to be sitting comfortably above hips and lower back. Leg gaps are fine! 
Place water proof cover over your preflat, this can be wool, fleece or a pul cover, when using a pul cover with elastics, double check around the legs and ensure all preflat fabric is covered, any exposed fabric will cause leaks. 

Fitting for night time.