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Our Vision and Ethics.

Our Vision and Ethics.

Here at Red Panda Stitching we strive to support other Australian businesses by keeping our suppliers within Australia. We make sure our materials are at the highest quality to make every product we supply to the standard we believe Mums, babies and their families deserve.

Our material suppliers are all incredibility hard working Australian small businesses who aspire to prove the highest quality product to me. Although our suppliers are all renowned in their fields, shipping and printing times are sometimes out of their control and can impact our production. Any important information is relayed to ALL customers with existing orders and member of our VIP group.

We legally purchase all our artwork with the appropriate licenses required to use, print and sell our final products. All our Red Panda Stitching exclusive prints are designed and created by Me, Amanda, as both owner and designer at Red Panda Stitching.

Our goal as both a mum and a business is to leave the smallest footprint possible, encourage and inspire others to do the same. We use the highest quality materials available that are eco-focussed and free of toxins, through to our fully compostable, plant-based packaging. We carry liability insurance to protect our family, business and our customers should anything slip though that is not of quality standard.