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Autumn Bliss - PANDAFLAT

Autumn Bliss - PANDAFLAT

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Digitally printed fabric type : COTTON LYCRA


*placements of print will vary and are not a guaranteed

are a preflat nappy what is used the same as a normal nappy flat or terry flat but with the convenience of being stitched to shape. 

Red Panda Stitching’s PandaFlats have 2 layers of thirsty bamboo sewn directly into the centre of the flat keeping all the folded pieces trim and flexible. 

Panda flats come with a bone shaped insert specificity designed to fit perfectly within the preflat regardless of how it’s folded.

The PandaFlat lining of both the flat and insert are incredibly vibrant and lush velour that is both thirsty and a stay dry fabric, meaning it’s perfect for drawing moisture away fast.

Made with the highest quality fabrics PandaFlats are stretchy, durable, thirsty, and designed to be used day after day. Due to not containing any waterproof fabric such as PUL the PandaFlats are able to be machine dried on a maximum of medium heat with caution*.

Please see our Care and Laundering page for specific wash guidelines.


*Please be aware- as with all fabrics, machine drying can cause fading, quicker wear, curling, pilling and shrinkage.