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PandaTails - Fleece Shorties - Drama Llamas

PandaTails - Fleece Shorties - Drama Llamas

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PandaTails are thoughtfully crafted for the use with the PandaFlats without the need for PUL or elastics.

Specifically designed using polar fleece that holds its own water repellent properties without the need for lanolin or hand washing, making them perfect for busy families that enjoy using terry flats, fitted nappies or our own preflat products. 

Available in 3 sizes ranges designed to fit comfortably over nappies, gentle leg band and a yoga style waist band for a comfortable yet versatile fit.


Small- NB-6m

Medium - 6m-1yo

Large 1-2years

Please refer to sizing chart and use the drop down menu to select your desired size. 
Due to nature of the fabric, it is not washed prior to construction, this means there may be a small amount of shrinkage after their first wash. 

PandaTails are NOT suitable for machine drying.

Wash guidelines are in line with the PandaFlat - please see Care and Laundering for these guidelines.

Made from fabric that is - 220gsm 100% polyester